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Biker Chic

The other day on a cloudy Sunday afternoon,  I had some errands to run around town. I pulled this outfit together for a "biker chic" look and decided to get my brother to help me get some shots before I headed out to run my errands.



This past weekend, I was invited to a friend's birthday dinner and I pulled this outfit together. It was super easy and here are some links to where you can build a similar outfit to mine! 

SHEIN Long Grey Coat | FRANCO SARTO Peep Toe Booties


All I gotta say is, what a year, what a year.

So I'm back, I haven't blogged in a year and some change, but a friend recently encouraged me to start blogging again. 

Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?

Where have I been? 

The library. 
As many of you remember, I am a college student. With that being said, academics always come first. So I did put my blogging aside because I had a lot of schoolwork. From internships to classes, and jobs, your girl has been busy. But I'm back to stay. *crosses fingers* I would like to personally apologize for my hiatus. I talked A LOT about consisting blogging, and I didn't keep up with my promise. But this time will be better! However, I've changed "SO Fashionable to Simi Supply." Where I "supply" you with all your fashion needs.  

But let's update, what's new with me.