Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Today is the official start of SO Fashionable’s 12 Days of Christmas! I am starting with a two part series on gift guides for him and her. It’s a well known fact that buying gifts are always tricky, especially during the holidays. Let me help you narrow down gifts for the people in your life.




Watches, can sometimes seem like generic gift for men, but if thought is put into picking out a good quality watch. Your dad will appreciate the effort you put into picking out a present for him. 

Golf Clubs 


Most fathers enjoy golf in their leisure time. Why not give him a gift that he will use and remember every time he tees off?

Bellboy Slim Leather Wallet 


If you dad is dad is anything like my dad, his wallet is very unorganized and he always seems to be looking for cash or one thing or another in his wallet. This Bellboy Slim Leather Wallet can help him organize, and keep his bulky wallet slim. 


Call of Duty: Advanced Warefare 


If your brother doesn’t already have this game, you can’t go wrong with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It was one of the most anticipated game of the year and has high level graphics as well as sci-fi elements.

Go Pro Camcorder
AMAZON.COM $249.50

One of the most popular cameras on the market today, the “GoPro” camera makes it super easy to capture and share things like no other camcorder. These are great gift for you brother, significant other, or cousin. It’s a gift you know he will love. 

JawBone JamBox Wireless

AMAZON.COM $114.49
These speakers are awesome! I have personally used them myself, I was quite the fan of them myself. It combines, a sleek modern look with a compact wireless convenience all for a great way to enjoy music. 

Boyfriend/Significant Other 

Chick-Fil-A Calendar Card, Sonic Gift Card, Chiptole Gift Card, etc 

Chick-Fil-A Calendar 
I always recommend a gift like this combined with other little things because it shows that you put thought into his present. Restaurants gift cards are always perfect because what guy doesn't like food? Plus it shows you pay attention to details like his favorite fast food place, and he will be sure to remember it, especially during times he may be broke!

Shoes: Loafers, Sperry’s, Wallabees

ALDO 'Arbon' Loafer $110.00

Now, if you and your boyfriend have only been dating for a little while, its crucial to make sure you two have set spending limits on each other. It’s always awkward if you spent $20 on his present, and he spent $200. That’s $180 difference! Be sure to come to mutual spending fee, whether it’s $5 or $50. Make sure neither spend more than the agreed amount. As a shoe fanatic, I love giving shoes, especially shoes that nice shoes he can wear on dates and you admire that you got him! If you DO decide to come to mutual spending limit, a gift like shoes would be nice just by itself or with a small gift card or inexpensive sweater or shirt. 

Treat Him to A Game 


Does you man have a favorite sports team? You can maybe find inexpensive tickets to a game, or team event. This could make a perfect day trip that he will be sure to remember. 

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  1. Game tickets (super different) or a wallet (which something so basic to think of) but is something I didn't think about myself, good one :)

  2. Great advice this helped me with shopping for my dad I'm pretty sure he was getting tired of ties and pocket squares