Home For The Holidays

I thought I would share how the holidays were in my home growing up. Growing up in a household with a two Nigerian parents made my childhood very different then others. My parents are very strong Christians, and have always raised myself and my siblings in the same manor.

Most of our holidays were spent surrounded by our family and friends. We normally rotated who's house the holidays were going to spent at. Our Christmas tradition would start on Christmas eve, where we would go to Christmas Eve church service. Then return home from the service and enjoy each others company, listening to Christmas music and eating a small sample of the feast we would enjoy on Christmas Day. My siblings, my cousins, and I would get sleepy and then go to bed, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa overnight. Early the next morning we woke up to see what gifts we had under the tree. 

There was never a Christmas morning growing up we were disappointed with our gifts. We were all blessed enough to have parents who gave us everything we wanted and more, and for that I am incredibly grateful. The remainder of our day was spent playing with our new gifts while my mom and aunts prepared our Christmas dinner in the kitchen and my dad and uncles watched Nigerian movies, played King Sunny Ade throughout the house, and called family and friends around the world wishing them a Merry Christmas. Soon after Christmas dinner was ready, an we'd enjoy an array of Nigerian and American cuisines. By late evening, after a successful holiday we would all get ready for bed and a couple of days after, everyone would depart to their respectful hometowns, until the next holiday were we all got together. 

I hope you all enjoyed a bit of how holidays were for me growing up. How were the holidays for you growing up? Did you have traditions you liked that would like to share? Please comment below, I would love to hear them! 



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  1. I love your blog so much and I normally do the same thing on Christmas!