Biker Chic

The other day on a cloudy Sunday afternoon,  I had some errands to run around town. I pulled this outfit together for a "biker chic" look and decided to get my brother to help me get some shots before I headed out to run my errands.

H&M Biker Jacket | FOREVER21 Striped T-Shirt | RAY-BAN Wayfarer | CONVERSE Low Top 
I have had a recent obsession with distressed jeans and sneakers. It's such a comfy, classic look that looks great with simple basic colors. I always throw on my sneakers on the way to the store, around town, or when I am headed to classes. I never get tired of wearing them!

I'm back to campus now and running around like a headless chicken, AGAIN. I hope to keep up with the blogging even as the semester gets busy.



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